How to Install a Tile Floor
How to Install a Tile Floor

If you have multiple option on Choosing your flooring, and you choose tile floor for you home, then you should follow these steps to install that.

Step 1

If necessary, install the cement slab coating

Before installing, keep in mind that after installation, the floor will be 1/2 “taller. In bathrooms, you may need to adjust the toilet, vanity and other appliances to compensate. In the kitchen, pay attention to the appliances under the floor and make sure that they fit snugly between the new tile floor height and the countertop. To install the Tile Flooring, make sure the floor is a smooth and firmly anchored coating.

Step 2

Find the center of the room

Find the central point of the room. First measure the entire room and mark the center. Then measure the coin in the other direction and mark the center. Attack the chalk line with two central points; The intersection of the two lines is the center of the room.

Step 3

Arrange the cards

In Tile Flooring lay the tiles on a dry track, starting from the center and following the two chalk lines. Arrange the spacers between the plates to ensure correct distances between them. If necessary, change the starting point.

Step 4

Install the center plate

Put the middle tile using the type of glue which is recommended by the company. Somehow it’s a thin solution, but somehow tile Manufacturers Company recommend synthetic glue. … [Read the rest]

Alternative Flooring Options for Your Basement
Alternative Flooring Options for Your Basement


Are you finishing your basement and trying to decide on the finer details, like what to put on the flooring for the basement? Nowadays, more and more people are turning their drab and boring basements into slick home entertainment centers, man-caves, home libraries and fitness centers. It’s a great way to turn extra space into something useful, as well as increase the value of your home.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

If you live in a cold climate, then this is obviously the choice for you. It will keep the entire space warmer by retaining heat. What kind of carpet you choose to use will depend on what purpose you want the room to serve. For example, if you want a nice, luxurious home entertainment center, carrying a significant investment in equipment and furniture, it may make sense to go all the way and invest in fluffy, fancy carpeting that will make your bare feet happy when you relax and unwind after a long day.

However, remember that basements tend to have issues like water damage, mold, and other household problems. Therefore, you may want to consider a carpet that’s a bit more durable, especially if the basement is going to have a more functional purpose, such as a home gym or office. A carpet type that’s perfect for this is the short-napped variety.


Laminate is a floor finishing process that mixes sawdust and glue to create a smooth, durable … [Read the rest]

Is Vinyl Flooring Right for You? Pros and Cons of This Wall Covering
Is Vinyl Flooring Right for You? Pros and Cons of This Wall Covering

Very popular among home owners when choosing your flooring, one of the least forms of flooring is vinyl flooring, which comes in either tile or sheet form and offers a great value. Available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs, vinyl tiles are easy to cut and install by the average do-it-yourself but sheet vinyl can be very hard to install. Hence it should be installed by a professional. Before choosing vinyl for your floor’s surface, you should carefully weigh its pros and cons.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor panels are very resistant to water and dirt, and it is one of the few flooring types that can be installed directly over a subfloor or a previous vinyl or linoleum installation without requiring demolition first. It is also one of the best choices for installing on a floor with many cracks. Some of the other benefits include;

  • Low Maintenance – Vinyl flooring is relatively cheap to care for. You can use a damp mop and an approved cleaner to remove stains.
  • Water resistance – well-installed vinyl flooring is impervious to water penetration making it the best material for use in a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and other high space in the home.
  • Comfort underfoot – Vinyl does not get cold during the winter and is soft beneath your feet, unlike stone flooring. Vinyl sheets and tiles have a padded layer making walking on these floors even
[Read the rest]
Considerations When Choosing House Floorings-

House purchase is one of the most important single steps that any individual or a couple has to take tile flooring.  It is an investment, a treasure and a fruit of one’s labor and hard work.  It is therefore important that thorough research and planning should be carried out first.  If you want to live in a house that is as perfect as your dream house, then better start making plans and think of designs that will really meet your expectations and of course, the amount of money.

Working out with your budget:

A home of your own is likely to be your securest protection against inflation so it is generally sound economy to at least buy the best that you can afford.  In working out with your budget, it is reasonable to set off income tax relief rather than choosing those with high mortgage payments.  On the other hand, as a house owner, you should also put into consideration the necessary expenses when it comes to insurance, maintenance and repairs and other house expenses.  You will always face these problems when you already have your own house.

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, you will probably spend much especially when the house is being infested with pests.  One area that needs to be focused when it comes to repairing damages and maintaining its durability is the floor or the tile flooring.  .

When choosing flooring materials?

There are … [Read the rest]

What Type of Flooring Suits You?
What Type of Flooring Suits You?

Well, well, well! Here we are again talking about more interior design. However, this time, I will let you in on the secrets of choosing the perfect floor for you. If you are thinking “how would she know?” Well I can tell you, every woman who is looking to refurbish or move into a new house knows! It is almost part of our DNA; we just know which floor we want.

I did get a little overwhelmed and almost confused as to what the difference is in some of them. So here a little guide to flooring.

Wooden flooring– Oh, good – old wooden flooring. You can’t really go wrong with wood, can you? Ha! I am sorry to tell you that you can. Choosing the right wooden flooring is not as easy as it initially looks. There is a wide range of different flooring (types within types within types) – so your decision really has to come down to color, functionality and in most cases budget!

Laminate flooring– laminate flooring is a really good alternative if your budget is a little more modest, but you’d still like to have that wooden feel. With some types, you can’t really tell that it’s not the real deal. However, be careful where you want to place your laminate. If you are thinking the kitchen (or bathroom) would look lovely with new laminate flooring, then make sure you get the one … [Read the rest]

Update the Look of Your Home for Less With Flooring Wholesale
Update the Look of Your Home for Less With Flooring Wholesale

There are several different ways to go about updating the interior design of your home, but investing in new flooring is one of the best options.

New flooring can bolster the appearance and atmosphere of any room in the home. If pricing considerations are holding you back, you probably haven’t looked into flooring wholesale. By purchasing flooring on a wholesale basis, you can shave some money off of your total bill – learn more below.

What is Wholesale Flooring?

Flooring wholesale companies make their bread and butter by selling large quantities of carpeting, wood flooring and tile flooring to contractors and other professionals. Many times, though, such companies are more than willing to sell to the general public.

By tracking down a wholesale flooring company, you can gain access to a large array of inexpensively priced flooring. Many times, you can find considerable savings on the same exact flooring that you’d find at any popular home improvement store. Shop a selection of wholesale flooring to open up a whole new world of great interior design opportunities.

Carpeting for Less

Who can resist the warm, comfortable allure of luxurious carpeting? It’s no surprise that carpeting is such a popular choice for living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and many other parts of the home. You can buy many popular brands and style of carpeting from a flooring wholesale company for a fraction of what you’d spend elsewhere. For that reason, it … [Read the rest]

Solid Wood Flooring – The 6 Advantages to Using a Professional Floor Sander
Solid Wood Flooring – The 6 Advantages to Using a Professional Floor Sander

A mistake that is commonly made is to believe that by covering your wooden floor with a good quality laminate or carpet will simply do the trick and save you money. Many have found this not to be the case and come up against certain issues that in the long run have proved to be rather costly to correct and time consuming. Here are the 6 advantages to restoring your worn floor with a professional floor sander used by a specialist in the industry.

Advantage one is that solid wood floors are incredibly durable. Installing laminate flooring can decrease the value of your home drastically and can often be just as expensive as or more costly than using a sander. Laminate flooring is less durable than solid wood floors; therefore, is easily disfigured by moisture damage, scratches are much harder to remove and refinishing often does not improve or restore the laminate.

To lay Laminate floors over the top of hardwood floors will raise the height of the floor itself, so bear this in mind regarding door fixtures and fittings. It may end up that doors need to be removed, trimmed and or repositioned. You may be giving yourself more work to do and that comes at a cost. Opting to restore your wooden floor by using a professional floor sander can avoid creating extra work.

Advantage two is the consideration of allergy reduction. With more and more of us … [Read the rest]

Repairing Scratches in Hardwood Flooring
Repairing Scratches in Hardwood Flooring

Your hardwood floor represents a significant value to your home. If you bought your home with those floors in place, they added so much class and atmosphere that those floors may have been one of the things that helped you want to buy the house.Read her latest blog posted at

If you installed hardwood floors, you know the investment you made. You also know how much your quality of life has been enhanced by those beautiful floors. So, as much as they enhance your life, it makes sense you want to take care of them buy learning to clean, maintain and from time to time to refinish your hardwood floors.

Floors, even beautiful ones, sustain damage sometimes. When your hardwood floor is damaged, you have a choice between (a) just leave it that way (b) fix it or (c) pull it out and put in a new floor.

Obviously, option (b) is preferable. It isn’t acceptable to just let the damaged part of the floor stay that way. Not only is that unsightly, it isn’t good for the floor. And, it is too costly to replace the flooring every time there is an accident or something causes part of the flooring to need work.

So it pays to have some knowledge and resources ready to go when you do need to take action to get that beautiful hardwood flooring back into perfect conduction.


A floor is made to … [Read the rest]