How to Install a Tile Floor
How to Install a Tile Floor

If you have multiple option on Choosing your flooring, and you choose tile floor for you home, then you should follow these steps to install that.

Step 1

If necessary, install the cement slab coating

Before installing, keep in mind that after installation, the floor will be 1/2 “taller. In bathrooms, you may need to adjust the toilet, vanity and other appliances to compensate. In the kitchen, pay attention to the appliances under the floor and make sure that they fit snugly between the new tile floor height and the countertop. To install the Tile Flooring, make sure the floor is a smooth and firmly anchored coating.

Step 2

Find the center of the room

Find the central point of the room. First measure the entire room and mark the center. Then measure the coin in the other direction and mark the center. Attack the chalk line with two central points; The intersection of the two lines is the center of the room.

Step 3

Arrange the cards

In Tile Flooring lay the tiles on a dry track, starting from the center and following the two chalk lines. Arrange the spacers between the plates to ensure correct distances between them. If necessary, change the starting point.

Step 4

Install the center plate

Put the middle tile using the type of glue which is recommended by the company. Somehow it’s a thin solution, but somehow tile Manufacturers Company recommend synthetic glue. Hold the notched edge of the spatula about 45 degrees from the ground and apply glue to the floor.

Step 5

Install the remaining cards

Use the central card as a checkpoint and install the remaining cards on straight lines. Install only a few tiles at a time, distributing the glue on two or three cards. If the glue filters through the plates, when you push the plate in place, use too much glue.

Step 6

Let the glue heal

After putting the tile, let give time to overnight for dry or for the time suggested by the glue manufacturer.

Step 7

Mix the wings

Mix the sauce with a consistency similar to peanut butter. The grout is available in a variety of colors and can be painted according to the type of furniture. Apply a small cement mortar on the Tile Flooring and use a rubber mortar to work in the joints. Distribute the solution with the float at an angle to the casting lines in the maximum possible extension to enclose it in the joints.

Step 8

Clean the tiles

After completion of the grout in the joints, clean the rest with a damp sponge, so as not to remove the grout from the joints between the plates. For best results, wash the sponge frequently. Allow the stucco to harden in a small mist and polish the tiles with a soft, damp cloth. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to cure the solution. When using a spray bottle, it may take several days to maintain moisture. After curing the solution, apply the sealant to the solution line.

If you are installing a Tile Flooring in the bathroom, sharpen it along the bathroom line to prevent moisture from infiltrating under the tiles.

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