What Type of Flooring Suits You?
What Type of Flooring Suits You?

Well, well, well! Here we are again talking about more interior design. However, this time, I will let you in on the secrets of choosing the perfect floor for you. If you are thinking “how would she know?” Well I can tell you, every woman who is looking to refurbish or move into a new house knows! It is almost part of our DNA; we just know which floor we want.

I did get a little overwhelmed and almost confused as to what the difference is in some of them. So here a little guide to flooring.

Wooden flooring– Oh, good – old wooden flooring. You can’t really go wrong with wood, can you? Ha! I am sorry to tell you that you can. Choosing the right wooden flooring is not as easy as it initially looks. There is a wide range of different flooring (types within types within types) – so your decision really has to come down to color, functionality and in most cases budget!

Laminate flooring– laminate flooring is a really good alternative if your budget is a little more modest, but you’d still like to have that wooden feel. With some types, you can’t really tell that it’s not the real deal. However, be careful where you want to place your laminate. If you are thinking the kitchen (or bathroom) would look lovely with new laminate flooring, then make sure you get the one … [Read the rest]

Update the Look of Your Home for Less With Flooring Wholesale
Update the Look of Your Home for Less With Flooring Wholesale

There are several different ways to go about updating the interior design of your home, but investing in new flooring is one of the best options.

New flooring can bolster the appearance and atmosphere of any room in the home. If pricing considerations are holding you back, you probably haven’t looked into flooring wholesale. By purchasing flooring on a wholesale basis, you can shave some money off of your total bill – learn more below.

What is Wholesale Flooring?

Flooring wholesale companies make their bread and butter by selling large quantities of carpeting, wood flooring and tile flooring to contractors and other professionals. Many times, though, such companies are more than willing to sell to the general public.

By tracking down a wholesale flooring company, you can gain access to a large array of inexpensively priced flooring. Many times, you can find considerable savings on the same exact flooring that you’d find at any popular home improvement store. Shop a selection of wholesale flooring to open up a whole new world of great interior design opportunities.

Carpeting for Less

Who can resist the warm, comfortable allure of luxurious carpeting? It’s no surprise that carpeting is such a popular choice for living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and many other parts of the home. You can buy many popular brands and style of carpeting from a flooring wholesale company for a fraction of what you’d spend elsewhere. For that reason, it … [Read the rest]

Solid Wood Flooring – The 6 Advantages to Using a Professional Floor Sander
Solid Wood Flooring – The 6 Advantages to Using a Professional Floor Sander

A mistake that is commonly made is to believe that by covering your wooden floor with a good quality laminate or carpet will simply do the trick and save you money. Many have found this not to be the case and come up against certain issues that in the long run have proved to be rather costly to correct and time consuming. Here are the 6 advantages to restoring your worn floor with a professional floor sander used by a specialist in the industry.

Advantage one is that solid wood floors are incredibly durable. Installing laminate flooring can decrease the value of your home drastically and can often be just as expensive as or more costly than using a sander. Laminate flooring is less durable than solid wood floors; therefore, is easily disfigured by moisture damage, scratches are much harder to remove and refinishing often does not improve or restore the laminate.

To lay Laminate floors over the top of hardwood floors will raise the height of the floor itself, so bear this in mind regarding door fixtures and fittings. It may end up that doors need to be removed, trimmed and or repositioned. You may be giving yourself more work to do and that comes at a cost. Opting to restore your wooden floor by using a professional floor sander can avoid creating extra work.

Advantage two is the consideration of allergy reduction. With more and more of us … [Read the rest]