Is Vinyl Flooring Right for You? Pros and Cons of This Wall Covering
Is Vinyl Flooring Right for You? Pros and Cons of This Wall Covering

Very popular among home owners when choosing your flooring, one of the least forms of flooring is vinyl flooring, which comes in either tile or sheet form and offers a great value. Available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs, vinyl tiles are easy to cut and install by the average do-it-yourself but sheet vinyl can be very hard to install. Hence it should be installed by a professional. Before choosing vinyl for your floor’s surface, you should carefully weigh its pros and cons.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor panels are very resistant to water and dirt, and it is one of the few flooring types that can be installed directly over a subfloor or a previous vinyl or linoleum installation without requiring demolition first. It is also one of the best choices for installing on a floor with many cracks. Some of the other benefits include;

  • Low Maintenance – Vinyl flooring is relatively cheap to care for. You can use a damp mop and an approved cleaner to remove stains.
  • Water resistance – well-installed vinyl flooring is impervious to water penetration making it the best material for use in a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and other high space in the home.
  • Comfort underfoot – Vinyl does not get cold during the winter and is soft beneath your feet, unlike stone flooring. Vinyl sheets and tiles have a padded layer making walking on these floors even
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What Type of Flooring Suits You?
What Type of Flooring Suits You?

Well, well, well! Here we are again talking about more interior design. However, this time, I will let you in on the secrets of choosing the perfect floor for you. If you are thinking “how would she know?” Well I can tell you, every woman who is looking to refurbish or move into a new house knows! It is almost part of our DNA; we just know which floor we want.

I did get a little overwhelmed and almost confused as to what the difference is in some of them. So here a little guide to flooring.

Wooden flooring– Oh, good – old wooden flooring. You can’t really go wrong with wood, can you? Ha! I am sorry to tell you that you can. Choosing the right wooden flooring is not as easy as it initially looks. There is a wide range of different flooring (types within types within types) – so your decision really has to come down to color, functionality and in most cases budget!

Laminate flooring– laminate flooring is a really good alternative if your budget is a little more modest, but you’d still like to have that wooden feel. With some types, you can’t really tell that it’s not the real deal. However, be careful where you want to place your laminate. If you are thinking the kitchen (or bathroom) would look lovely with new laminate flooring, then make sure you get the one … [Read the rest]